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Ability to set connector instance name. It is quite common situation that the same connector is used to connect to many resources. E.g. deployment with many LDAP servers. However, ConnId will always refer only to connector type in the log files. That makes it quite hard to diagnose problems in bigger deployments. Even the connector itself does not know its own name. Yes, it may know hostname of the server. But then it may not be that easy to correlate hostnames and resource names. But IDM knows that quite well. And yes, the connector can have "name" as a configuration parameter. But in that case all the connectors have to be modified and IDM won't really know which parameter to set anyway. So, currently there is no easy way how to do this.

So let just add ability for an IDM to specify optional name of the connector by a new method in ConnectorFacade. Then we can easily put the name in logs. And the connector might be able to determine the name. E.g. we can introduce new SPI interface ConnectorInstanceNameAware. If connector (or connector configuration?) implements that interface then framework will invoke a name setter on the connector. Alternatively we can introduce new annotation for connector configuration. But I think I would like the interface better. Such approach should be compatible with previous ConnId versions. And I'm quite sure it will save huge amount of troubleshooting effort.




Francesco Chicchiriccò
October 14, 2018, 6:47 AM

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