Extend the Schema to provide more Metadata for IDM

Add a "CASE_SENSITIVE" flag to the AttributeInfo and ObjectClassInfo meta data. 

System may be by default CASE_SENSITIVE or CASE_INSENSITIVE and IDM may use such comparison when comparing the Uid or Name values. This would allow IDM to decide which method to use. The ObjectClassInfo does not contains the Uid definition so this may get a new "caseSensitive" property.

public boolean isCaseSensitive() {
    return true; //Default as is now

This can be use in the SchemaAwareFilterVisitor implementation as it's mention in Search and Sync Improvement

Add a "description" string property to the AttributeInfo and ObjectClassInfo meta data.

Quite often (think about SAP for example) attribute name is not really helpful.

Having a description field would help writing connector documentation, config UI, build a glossary...


(Need to think about I18N and l10N for this field as well...)