CSV Directory


The CSV Directory Connector supports provisioning to and from a directory of files in CSV format.

Its typical usage should be bulk-loading.


Follow these steps to run the stand-alone connector server:

  1. Download the connector server jar file and store it in the connector server directory (any directory).
  2. Download the CSV directory connector jar file and store it in the bundles subdirectory.
  3. Start the connector server. For more information, see the page about this.

Supported operations

  • Create
  • Delete
  • Update
  • Search
  • Schema
  • Sync


Configuration Properties

The following table describes all of the properties that you can specify for the configuration:


Configuration PropertyTypeRequiredDefault ValueDescription
Source PathStringX Absolute path of a directory where the CSV files to be processed are located
File MaskStringX Regular expression describing files to be processed (e.g. ->.\.csv<- to include all csv files)
File EncodingString Charset.defaultCharset()Basic encoding of the file.
Field DelimiterString ,Delimiter used to separate fields in CSV files
Text qualifierString "Delimiter to determine beginning and end of text in value
Key column nameStringX Name of the column used to identify user uniquely
Password column nameString  Name of the column used to specify user password
Delete column nameString  Name of the column used to specify users to be deleted
Value quotation requiredBoolean trueSpecify if value quotation is required
Column namesStringX Column names separated by comma
Ignore headerBoolean trueSpecify it first line file must be ignored
Key separatorString ,Character used to separate keys in a multi-key scenario
Status ColumnString  Name of the status column where the account's status (enabled/disabled/...) are stored.
Disabled Status ValueString falseValue of 'status column' indicating disabled users.
Enabled Status ValueString trueValue of 'status column' indicating enabled users.
Default Status ValueString trueDefault value for 'status column' in case of value not provided.