Flat File


The Flat file Connector supports provisioning to and from a flat text file.


Follow these steps to run the stand-alone connector server:

  1. Download the connector server jar file and store it in the connector server directory (any directory).
  2. Download the FlatFile connector jar file and store it in the bundles subdirectory.
  3. Start the connector server. For more information, check the page about this topic.

Supported operations

  • Schema
  • Search


Configuration Properties

The following table describes all of the properties that you can specify for the configuration:


Configuration PropertyTypeRequiredDefault ValueDescription
EncodingStringX UTF-8File encoding
FieldDelimitercharX 'Delimiter character between fields in file record
nullFile in the connector will attach to deliver changes.
Text Qualifierchar
""Attribute value qualifier in CSV record (escaped as regexp, if needed).
Unique Attribute NameString
 nullName of unique attribute in current CSV file.