The OpenAM connector is designed to manage users stored in a OpenAM server; the bundle interacts with OpenAM server by its REST service.

Supported Versions

  • Up to OpenAM 10.0.0

Not Fully Tested Versions

  • Old version of OpenSSO


Follow these steps to run the stand-alone connector server:

  1. Download the connector server jar file and store it in the connector server directory (any directory).
  2. Download the OpenAM connector jar file and store it in the bundles subdirectory.
  3. Start the connector server. For more information, check the page about this topic.

Supported operations

  • Authenticate
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Update
  • Search
  • Test


Configuration Properties

The following table describes all of the properties that you can specify for the configuration:



Configuration PropertyTypeRequiredDescription
SSLBoolean Specify it if OpenAM server is deployed in SSL mode
OpenAM base UrlStringXBase Url of OpenAM host
OpenAM portStringXPort of OpenAM host
OpenAM contextStringXContext where OpenAM is deployed
OpenAM realmStringXRealm where users are saved
Admin userString

Id User admin of openam, usually amadmin
Admin passwordString

Password of admin user of openam
Password AttributeStringXPassword attribute where user password value will be stored
Status AttributeStringXStatus attribute where user status value will be stored
Uid AttributeStringXUid attribute where user uid value will be stored